“Amy Mackelden’s cool, unsettling tone makes the whole edifice of popular culture feel unstable.” – Clare Pollard (Poet & Performer)

“In her highly individual, funny, beautifully nuanced prose poems, Amy Mackelden stakes out a territory all her own.  The writing hums and buzzes with memorable phrases, fresh ideas and serious fun.” – Jacob Polley (Poet & Judge of Northern Writers’ Awards 2011)

“Amy knows how to gather sentences one after another with a rise and fall and crisp change of diction: she is the poet of microfiction. Everyone else will say how she tracks with a busy camera between the four corners of tragedy, true hot romance in a feminist world and slobbing in front of the box, so I’ll leave that for them to add. Sorry missed sex off that list of four. How typical of me.” – Ira Lightman (Poet)

“Your prose style appears to heed a diverse scope of stylistic references, from Diane Williams to Chris Kraus to the films of Jon Moritsugu, all of which we highly approve.” – Editors at Inky Needles Journal

“As a writer accustomed to the demands of the stage, Amy Mackelden freshens things up with her forceful, heartfelt rhetoric and comic timing… a fretful consideration of agency vs. predestination, driven by its insistent, plain-spoken language. – Review of Butcher’s Dog Issue 1, Chris Ogden for Lighthouse (Full review)

“I’m impressed by her feminist blogs, her generosity to the flash fiction community, and the sharp observation in her work. She has a voice that isn’t afraid to speak to women. I look forward to working with her as she develops her work to reach the audience it deserves.” – Angela Readman (Writer & Mentor)

“Her unguarded honesty makes for a relatable and humorous account of her experiences as a serial sales assistant.” – Review of RETAIL, Emily Park for Cuckoo Review (Full review)

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